Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday Barbara and me had a meeting regarding a new project to present for a famous curator called Sabine Breitwieser. We touched upon a wide range of subjects. To mention some; re-relational aestetics. The jacket and the west as a metaphor for the art Academy.To create a site specific work that is movable. Thoughts conserning art looking like art and how to make something new and inovative, and the fact that everybody is naked under their clothes and that the clothes therefore is temporary site specifik.
I have been a bit tired after the trip to Krakow, there were a lot of wonderfull people there, but it is good to be home. I was taking a walk there and suddenly i was sure that I saw Maria from sound of music. Unfortunately it was not her anyway.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here is a preventive video concerning the consequences of too much exercise. It makes me sad to look at even if admire the will power of these people.
I have also been asked to do a talk in connection to a project, but I can not say anything now since since it is not for sure yet. Ill keep all you readers informed about this event. Promised not to tell yet so be it.....Later Later ill inform and reveal and invite everybody interested in art and life.
There will be more soon but actually I'm alone here in Vienna now, because Barbara is at home, at the border to Denmark. Wonder how it is in Denmark now? Yes back on the horse... the culture here and art is standing in line to be dis covert. Monday I'm going to Krakow where all the Polish people live- ore at least some of them. I will be back in a week, i am not sure how it is with my inter net access in Poland.
I again forgot that I had this blog. To all my devoted readers I am really sorry, but there is not much I can do about it. Sorry is only a poor word but it is the only thing I can come up with now, other than off course feeling bad inside for some days. At the time being I am in Vienna. You might think that i am here to participate in the marathon! That is wrong yes I might just say it as it is. I think it is a bit crazy to run that long. I can not really get myself to believe that it is healthy ore nice in any way. I read some articles some time ago about exercising and there it is on black and white Extreme exercise is not healthy and when you push your body in this manner some drugs are realised in your brain and it gets you high. So there are similarities between drug addicts and supposing healthy people. I am not stating that marathon runners are all drug addicts, but in some way they might be.
OK enough of that.... Vienna Vienna where the summer already peaked her nose around the corner and the art life is shining back as well. Here I find myself in good company. I found one who share my passion for art and culture. It will be nice to share the time here with one that can catch the ball when its thrown, and even throw it back ore in another direction. It is soon time to seriously investigate the art field here "Down Town Europe" as i like to call it...And off course the name of the new friend of mine, that you probably will get to know better is Barbara.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Galleri Riis

Last thirsday I was at an opening of an exhibition by Eline mugaas "skin flick" It all started with a dwargh openingen the door offering candy. This gave an uncanny first meeting with the exhibition. I must admit that I did not really see the connection between this and the exhibition. There was off course the obvious link that the candy was formed as small cars. The tension between the candy cars, and the rest of the exhibition where cars appeared both in fotografi and film, simply became to obvious. I think the reason for this dwargh serving the candy, was a missserable attempt to hide the weakest link in the exhibition.